Natasha Paul

Natasha P -164-keston duke photo studio nyc heads shotsNatasha Paul was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island. Natasha came from a proud Trinidadian and Jamaican heritage. Her mother not only passed down her beauty, but also her love of hairstyling coupled with her father’s design background. As a result, Natasha was destined for creative brilliance.

Thirty years later, Natasha is a master hairstylist working with all types of hair textures. She didn’t limit herself to just the African-American communities. With over 17 years experience in the industry, Natasha is a licensed cosmetologist, certified Mazani stylist, certified Clairol professional colorist, certified Scruples colorist, an educator for Deep Brilliance and the signature line by Farouck Systems and a certified Trichologist.

Natasha’s primary goal is to become one of the master colorists in the country and also offer quality customer service by using and providing exclusive hair care products that help her clientele maintain the health and beauty of their hair. Natasha distinguishes herself from her competitors because she listens to her clients, taking into consideration their needs and wants when styling their hair.

Natasha’s mission is to educate her clients on how to integrate health, wellness and beauty in order to create a balanced lifestyle. Her job is to simply monitor the body as to how and why its behaving the way it is and educate her clients with a resource of information.

As a perfectionist who takes her job very seriously and loves helping people look their best, Natasha feels very blessed and passionate in a career where she is able to capitalize from it. Her main goals are to provide high quality services to her clients in a salon and day spa which focuses on her clientele’s outer beauty as well as inner beauty.

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