Evolution Green Room Salon

The idea was born when Founder Natasha Paul realized she wanted to create an Eco-friendly hair salon that offers Clean, Green Natural Haircare products while offering royal treatment to everyday-working class women and men. The goal was to create a tranquil, inviting, environmentally sustainable salon where people can experience mind, body and soul transformations through sustainable practices.

Evolution Green Room is committed to offering non-toxic hair products and providing high-end beauty services to all Natural textures with an organic approach to hair care.

In the 17+ years, we've been in business, Evolution has grown into more than a salon, it has become a lifestyle brand, where we advocate for safer personal care products, beauty wellness, and alternative ways to live a balanced healthy lifestyle. We are truly passionate about the needs of our clients and we continue to do our best to provide nothing but Best-In-Class “green” knowledge, Organic hair care and most of all quality 5-star customer service.