Green Hair Movement

As hair care professionals, we joyfully take on the responsibility to help people look and feel beautiful, but with the rising environmental concerns, it is also our social responsibility to turn our attention to preserving the world we live in.

While clean beauty products place a heavy emphasis on safety and low health risk of cosmetics and personal care products,green beauty turns its attention to the environmental friendliness of beauty products with a focus on naturally derived ingredients. The goal of Evolution Green Room is always to educate and advocate sustainability beauty.

When you consider how the beauty industry creates over 400,000 pounds of waste every day in America alone, it’s not hard to see why we need to be proactive collectively as consumers and industry leaders.

Did you know 63,000 pounds of hair gets thrown away every day? Every garbage bag of hair produces greenhouses gases, plastic bags take forever to decompose. Hair that sits in landfills produces methane gas and this contributes to:

1. Climate Change.

2. Global Warming.

3. Water pollution: excess nutrients from human hair sitting in waste streams, dumps and landfills can flow into nearby bodies of water, causing Eutrophication which triggers algae growth that can harm marine life.

Every month, the salon industry accumulates thousands of pounds of waste that ends up in landfills. Most of that waste is human hair a surprisingly versatile material that, when recycled, can be transformed into useful products for whole range of industries.

Which leads to our Initiative: “The Green Hair Movement”

Evolution Green Room join forces with an organization called GLO- which stands for Green Life Organization because we’re both on a mission to preserve the world of beauty, to help build a greener tomorrow, Evolution Green Room (EGR) donate all cutting hair that can’t be used for wigs, salon supplies and equipment. By implementing these sustainable practices, we are diverting more waste from landfills by recycling and donating to industries that can reuse our waste for good.

Recycling hair can benefit a variety of industries.

1. Recycled hair can create eco-friendly fertilizer and Pest control for the agriculture industry, it can also be used as compost.

2. Recycled hair can be used to create pharmaceuticals and medical tools.

3. Recycle hair can be used in construction (because of its strength, human hair can be used to reinforce clay-based construction and to make textiles because of its elasticity and thermal insulation properties. During slavery the wealthy used their slave's hair to stuff mattresses, toys and other household items.

This is to name a few industries that can use recycle hair, despite the myriad potential uses for human hair, hair recycling isn’t nearly as widespread as it could and should be. So, I'm using my platform to bring awareness to an ongoing issue that our industry is 40% responsible for. GLO works hard to make recycling achievable and hassle-free for busy salon owners.