Virtual Consultation

Virtual consultations can be cost-effective and time saving, as you don't have to travel to a salon or wait for an in-person appointment. Virtual consultations provide the convenience of accessing professional hairstyling advice regardless of your location or schedule. It's a great option for individuals who prefer personalized guidance or cannot physically visit a salon due to various reasons.

You can gain confidence and peace of mind by consulting with a professional hairstylist before making any significant hair changes. Allows you to discuss your hair concerns and goals from the comfort of your own home.

What’s Included in Consultation:

✔️ Schedule a virtual consultation appointment with a professional hairstylist through email, text or phone call.

✔️ During the virtual consultation, you can showcase your current hair condition through video chat.

✔️ The hairstylists will ask you about your desired hair outcome, preferences, and any specific issues you want to address.

✔️ Your professional hairstylist will provide expert advice on suitable hairstyles, haircuts, colors and treatments based on your hair type, face shape and lifestyle.

✔️ You can discuss any concerns or questions you have about haircare routines, styling techniques, or specific hair products.

✔️ Guide you on how to properly care for your hair at home, including tips for shampooing, conditioning and styling.

✔️ If you have any hair issues or challenges, such as thinning hair or scalp problems, the hairstylist will provide personalized solutions and recommendations.

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