To ensure your safety and our staff’s safety, the Evolution Green Room Salon is initiating a reopening policy that will implement practical measures to maintain sanitation and minimize the spread of germs in the salon. Abiding by the existing NY COVID-19 protocol, customers are now expected to wear facial coverings that meet the CDC guidelines inside the salon. We will also begin taking temperatures upon arrival and sanitizing the salon between appointments. These are just a few actions, as additional steps will be taken to ensure your safety well-being while in the salon.

1. TEMPERATURE UPON ARRIVAL: Your temperature will be taken upon arrival using a forehead thermometer, which will be cleaned before and after use. If your temperature is above 100.4 we will refuse service.

2. MASK REQUIRED: A mask must be worn for the entire service. Otherwise, we will refuse service. You must bring your own mask. *Masks will be available for sale while supplies last.

3. FEEL SICK? Please stay home.

4. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING (6 Feet Apart): Practice social distancing entering and leaving the salon.

5. SERVICE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: Clients will receive a text message before their appointment and/or advising of any delays in service.

6. NO WAITING IN THE SALON: Only Clients receiving service will be allowed in the salon.

7. MUST WASH HANDS UPON ARRIVAL: We will provide hand sanitizer that will need to be used before and after the service.

8. SALON EQUIPMENT WILL BE SANITIZED BETWEEN APPOINTMENT: At our salon, the health and safety of our clients is our top priority. Therefore, we have a policy to ensure that all salon equipment and furniture is thoroughly wiped down after every client. This proactive measure aims to maintain cleanliness, promote a hygienic environment, and create a pleasant experience for each and every individual we serve.