EGR Eco-Friendly Salon Upgrade Package


What’s included in salon upgrade package:

1. Environmental Sustainability
2. Salon system upgrade
3. Upgrade Professional upscale space
4. Staff training and development
5. Marketing and branding

We offer all these services while considering your budget, target market, and overall vision for your salon.



What’s included in salon upgrade package:

1. Environmental Sustainability.:
a. Access current practices and identify areas where eco-friendly alternatives can be adopted. Such as energy-efficient lighting, water-saving features, An eco-friendly product line.
b. Provide recommendations for eco-friendly products, materials, and equipment that align with the salon’s vision.
c. We’ll suggest recycling and waste management strategies to minimize the salon’s environmental footprint.
d. Explore options to source sustainable and cruelty free product lines.

2. Salon system upgrade:
a. Evaluate the existing salon system and identify pain points inefficiencies. Or outdated technology.
b. Recommend modern salon management software that can streamline operations. Automated appointment scheduling. Inventory management and financial tracking.
c. Introduce mobile-friendly platforms that enable online bookings, client reviews, and loyalty programs.
d. Explore integrated POS systems to simplify transactions and track sales.

3. Upgrade Professional upscale space:
a. Conduct A thorough analysis of the salon’s current layout. Decor and ambiance to identify areas that can be enhanced for an upscale atmosphere.:
b. We will suggest improvements in interior design, lighting, and color schemes aligned with the desired upscale aesthetic.
c. Advise on premium product lines and high-quality equipment to elevate the overall salon experience.
d. Recommend luxurious amenities like comfortable seating, refreshment stations and upscale waiting areas.
e. Provide guidance on staff appearance, dress code, and professional behavior to ensure a consistent upscale image.

4. Staff training and development:
a. The importance of ongoing training and education for staff members to maintain professionalism and stay updated with industry trends.
b. Suggest workshops, seminars or online courses for skill enhancement.
c. Encourage the salon owner to invest in regular team building activities and incentives to boost employee morale and promote a positive work environment.

5. Marketing and branding:
a. Develop a marketing strategy to promote the salons, eco-friendly practices, upscale services and professional image.
b. Create a strong online presence through a professional website, social media accounts and online directories.
c. Advise on the use of professional photography to showcase the salons, ambiance services and eco-friendly initiatives. Suggest collaborations with local eco friendly organizations or charity events, enhanced salons, community involvement and reputation.

We offer all these services while considering your budget, target market, and overall vision for your salon.


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